The Munich area is an extremely active cluster of institutions and research centers committed to the highest standards of excellence in research and teaching.

The Munich Quantum Center is born at the heart of this vivid atmosphere, gathering 26 research groups belonging to three different institutions: the Ludwig Maximilian University, the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics and the Technical University of Munich.

Our research covers a wide array of topics ranging from mathematical foundations, quantum information, computational methods, quantum nano-systems, quantum optics, and quantum many-body physics to superconducting devices. 

In MQC, mathematicians and theoretical and experimental physicists analyze physical systems exhibiting intriguing quantum mechanical properties and design new methods for leveraging and controlling such systems, thus paving the way for the development of quantum technologies.


Ignacio Cirac as spokesman of the MQC co-authored the Quantum Manifesto at Deft: This european...


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Nicolas Raymond (IRMAR, University of Rennes 1) will be giving a block course (2 ECTS) at the Math...

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[MQS16] Munich Quantum Symposium


The schedule of the Munich Quantum Symposium can be found here .

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