Finley Group

The chair for Semiconductor Nanostructures and Quantum Systems explores a wide range of topics related to the fundamental physics of nanostructured materials and their quantum-electronic and -photonic properties.

Members of the institute study the unique electronic, photonic and quantum properties of materials patterned over nanometer lengthscales and explore how sub-components can be integrated together to realise entirely new materials with emergent properties.

This convergence of materials-nanotechnology, quantum electronics and photonics is strongly interdisciplinary, spanning topics across the physical sciences, as well as materials science and engineering. Current research focuses on:

- The development and exploration of quantum semiconductor nanomaterials such as artificial atoms,   molecules and nanowires and two-dimensional crystals;
- Nanophotonics, including photonic crystals and plasmonic materials and their use to enhance interactions between light and matter;
- The manipulation and exploitation of quantum coherence in integrated nanosystems.

Full details of the research topics being pursued are presented on our research pages. Our research is funded by various sources including the German Science Foundation, the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research , the European Union and the Technical University of Munich via the TUM International Graduate School of Science and Engineering and the TUM Institute of Advanced Study.

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Prof. Jonathan Finley


Walter Schottky Institut Technical University Munich
Am Coulombwall
D-85745 Garching


Irmgard Neuner
Phone: +49(0) 89 / 2891 - 2771 or 11571
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