SPECIAL CONDENSED MATTER THEORY SEMINAR: Exotic Z2 symmetry breaking transitions in 2D correlated

Jul 19

When:     Thursday, July 19, 2018, 2pm
Location: Theresienstr. 37, Room A 450

Eun-Gook Moon, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology will give a talk about "Exotic Z2 symmetry breaking transitions in 2D correlated".


The Landau paradigm of phase transitions is one of the backbones in critical phenomena.
With a Z2 symmetry, it describes the Ising universality class whose central charge is one
half (c = 1/2) in two spatial dimensions (2D). Motivated by recent experiments in strongly
correlated systems, which show possibilities beyond the Landau paradigm, we propose an
exotic universality class of a Z2 symmetry breaking transition with c=1. We argue that
controlling topological defects may realize the exotic class. In addition to novel critical
exponents, we find that the onset of an order parameter may be super-linear in contrast
to the sub-linear onset of the Ising class. We argue that a super-linear onset of a Z2 order
parameter without breaking a bigger symmetry than Z2 is evidence of exotic phenomena,
and our results are applied to recent experiments in phase transitions at pseudo-gap